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Check out the unique items for pregnancy, birth, babies, or breastfeeding created by our very own Birth Boot Camp Instructors and Doulas.

By Lauren McClain - BBCI

Become a Certified Friend of Breech Babies! Learn all about breech position, how to help clients prevent it, when to check, how and when to turn a breech, and all about breech birth research and options. Get a pile of multi-media resources to print and share with clients. $40

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Better Birth Graphics: A digital downloads shop for birth professionals

Get informational as well as artistic pdfs to support your business. Many make great fliers to share at events. Just print your information on the back! Prices vary.

HALF OFF FOR BBC people with code: BBCHALF

Lauren McClain - BBCI


By Kristen Powers - BBCI

Beautifully crafted plush placenta to help couples see what has nourished their little one in the womb. Quilted, embroidered and crocheted - has a smooth "baby side" and bumpy "mommy side", umbilical cord with veins and artery. I try to make these as anatomical correct as I can whilst still being artistic - each is approximately 7-9 inches in diameter, 1-2 inches thick and weighs about 1lb. Comes in red tones or pink tones and with or with out a membrane.

Placenta with Membranes - $85

Placenta with/out Membranes - $65

Teaching Boob - $25

Crochet breastfeeding teaching Boob! This little lady has a nipple that can be inverted and a hard spot for teaching about plugged ducts. Comes in any color you want!

Baby Boobie Hats - $5

Crochet beanie hat for those who love to breastfeed and have a good laugh. Comes in flesh tones.

Kristen Powers - BBCI


By Vanessa Stepan - BBCI

I offer 30% off for all BBC people with the code BBCI30. Also, happy to provide bulk pricing if ordering in large quantities for students/clients.

Nursing Necklaces $12:

Birth Ball Covers $30:

Lavender Rice Sack $12:

Laminated Birth Affirmation Cards $6:

Fabric Birth Affirmation Banner $28:

Nursing Covers $28:

"My Mom is a Doula" Onesie $16:

"My Doula Loves Me" Onesie $16:

"Born at Home" Onesie $16:

"...unless I'm at a birth." Coffee Mug $14:

"#Doula" Coffee Mug $14:

"Today is a Birth Day" Mug $14:

Vanessa Stepan - BBCI

Twitter/Instagram: @NessArtsy