Rules and Guidelines

Headquarters is excited to be announcing a new option for our instructors and doulas to further promote Birth Boot Camp in your areas. After much deliberation - and trying it out in a couple of markets - we believe that creating BBC cooperative groups is a great idea. We’ve seen a lot of growth since the beginning of Birth Boot Camp in March 2012. If there is more than one of you in your area, we encourage you to have a meeting to discuss this idea to determine if this is something you all are interested in pursuing.

Joining together to share the workload of a website, blogging, and running a FB page or other social media is extremely helpful. In addition, it makes you look … bigger. I hope you will enjoy the camaraderie in growing your businesses.

There are rules and guidelines, as you will be representing Birth Boot Camp in a big way, and it’s important to protect the brand. Read on.

1. In order to include “Birth Boot Camp” in a URL, it must be used by a group of BBCs, not an individual. The group must be inclusive of all currently certified Birth Boot Camp doulas and instructors in the area/city, including people who will certify in the future. There are rules associated with joining, so it is possible someone will not want to join the collective. Everyone should, however, be invited.

  • It is suggested to create a Facebook page with the same name.
  • Create your events within that FB page. Link to the events on your website.
  • For the sake of the integrity of the BBC brand, the name and the final website must be approved.
  • For example, Black Hills Birth Boot Camp is a website and the same name for the FB page. Hailie’s group is Doulas of Abilene: A Birth Boot Camp Collective. They have a FB page and also a FB group open to the public to encourage conversation.
  • Most participants do NOT have another website. It’s just not needed unless you have other services that are not BBC related.
  • Hailie created the above websites so there is a template. If you are in need of someone to do this for your group, BHBBC paid Hailie for about 10 hours of work. She is charging $25/hour. You’ll be responsible for updates, but she’ll walk you through so you understand the back end of the website.

2. Application process detailing your plan - this can be found on both .nets. Many of these questions are also intended to help your group think through the details.

  • What name(s) are you considering?
  • Who is creating your website?
  • Who runs the website?
  • Who is setting up your FB page? Are you setting up everyone to be an Admin?
  • As people certify, who is adding them? Who is removing those that do not recertify in March?
  • Are you blogging on your website in order to keep it active and fresh? Do you have a schedule among your BBC folks?
  • Who is updating events on the website and FB page?
  • Who is posting on your FB page each day? Do you have a schedule?
  • Who is currently in your local group? Only your BBC-certified services/classes may be listed. For example, if someone teaches BBC and is also a doula (trained or certified) with another organization, that may NOT be listed on this BBC Collective website.

3. There is still discussion regarding the logistics of listing the collectives or cooperatives on the directory. Stay tuned.

4. No mention of other organizations or methods on a BBC-branded site. Again, It’s important to maintain the integrity of Birth Boot Camp through the conversation, photographs used, language, etc. on your local BBC group sites. Remember, search words matter!

5. Check with your state as to whether you need a DBA (Doing Business As). We purposely chose not to take money through the website to avoid this issue, possibly complicating everyone’s taxes. Technically, if you run your collectives or cooperatives the way Birth Boot Camp is suggesting, you are not in business together. If you start taking money through the website and having the divvy it up, things may get sticky real quick.

6. Grievances against one another are bound to happen on occasion. If you absolutely cannot solve a problem on your own, Headquarters will step in and help to figure out a fair solution.

7. As a new option, this will bring new situations and scenarios. These rules and guidelines are subject to change.

8. Ideas from Donna and Hailie’s groups:

  • Collect a set amount of monthly dues so you have money in an account to do community events/booths, promotional materials, pay website costs, etc. Our groups are just doing $10/mo but you may consider $20 or $25.
  • Hold monthly meetings to address topics that pertain to your group and community, brainstorm ideas, and to connect with one another.
  • Hold regular Meet & Greets, Sip & Sees, or Meet the Doula/Instructor nights so the community gets to know you. Consider doing this monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.
  • Set up an affiliate for the online classes which will pay your group if they buy through your group website. It’ll help put money in your account to do things in your community.

Questions? Please direct them to We sincerely hope this helps you grow your local businesses!


Donna Ryan

Founder & CEO

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