Directory Instructions

Greetings from Headquarters!

Here’s a few things to know from our awesome website guy:

  • All of the questions are available in the user profile section just as before.
  • Note the change from the checkbox to the dropdown at the beginning of the questions. The database is updated so that everyone who had the dual certified checkbox checked will now have dual certified selected in that dropdown. Everyone else currently has Instructor selected. The Doulas are NOT listed until they go in and write their bio.
  • Banners are updated and will show based on what they have selected in that first dropdown. BBC Doula, BBC Instructor, and BBC Dual Certified Instructor & Doula.
  • Items on the profiles themselves will only show if someone has filled out the section on the back end. So don’t be dismayed if “doula services” doesn’t show….it won’t be there unless they have it filled out in their profile.
  • The live search has been updated to be a bit more intuitive and advanced. Before, it had to be an exact word or phrase. Now you can combine terms. For example, if you search “doula Atlanta” you will find the one and only doula in Atlanta, Alexa Gumm. Before, it would have been anyone with Atlanta OR a doula.


Contact April at to get set up. She will get the info you need. Once you have your login info, you can go in and set up your bio, headshot and other information.


  • We have great SEO. Your directory listing and spotlight will likely come up even before your own website in a google search, especially if you are new.
  • This complete directory is a big deal. Previously, people did go to the website to find an instructor, but the doula website was not visited as often when people were looking for a doula. This complete directory puts the doulas in their field of vision.
  • The hamburger menu lists this section as “Plan Your Birth” which is more enticing and action driven. It really benefits everyone to be listed, especially now.
  • Instructors, some of you do not list your schedules. I’d like to encourage you to do so, even though you will need to keep up with it. It’s worth it. If someone is looking for classes and they can scroll down and find out who is offering what - all in one place - your chances are better. If they have to click all over the internet to find your schedule, they will likely get frustrated and walk away. We have to make it as easy as possible for people to find us!

If you have any questions or need help with your directory listing, don’t hesitate to reach out to April!

Can’t wait to see all your shiny faces on that directory!