Take a moment to read through this letter from our Founder, Donna Ryan. It will help to answer many of your questions!

Pre-certification letter for instructors

Q: What if I can't attend the workshop I am registered for?

A: If a registered applicant desires to change their specified training date, a $250 fee will be applied. This fee must be paid in order to reserve the applicant's spot in the newly chosen workshop.

Q: What do I need to bring to the workshop?

A: Paper or a laptop to take notes, 2 bed pillows, comfortable clothing, a jacket or sweater, your own snacks and beverages

Q: How do I get students for my classes?

A: Birth Boot Camp strives to help our teachers fill their classes.  We have an accessible and searchable directory where all of our instructors are listed.  Your training covers not just how to teach classes, but also includes a segment on marketing.  Much of your work will be in your own community.  We encourage you to contact other birth professionals and be part of local community resources like La Leche League or Birth Networks.

Q: How long do I have to complete my certification?

A: Keep in mind that there is a significant amount of work involved in this training. After your application has been approved, allow yourself plenty of time to complete all certification requirements. The study guide modules must be submitted three business days before the workshop begins.  Certification should be completed within one year of applying.

Q: When is my re-certification due?

A: Re-certification is due each year in March.

Q: Can I be certified with another organization as well ( i.e. CAPPA, DONA, etc.)?

A: We love how educated and informed our instructors are.  You are welcome to be certified through different organizations as a Birth Boot Camp instructor as long as there is not a conflict of interest in your classes.  We do expect our instructors to teach Birth Boot Camp materials when a class has been advertised as such.

Q: Can I bring my baby to the workshop?

A: We encourage long-term breastfeeding and want nursing mothers to be included. Training, however, is intensive and requires long hours and a quiet room so that all who have invested their time and money can hear and participate. Training also requires that all be able to participate in relaxation and various other floor exercises. If you are nursing a baby or child we strongly advise that you have someone with you who can bring your baby to you and take them out of the training room when they are done eating. This enables both the nursing mother and others in attendance to maximize their workshop experience. Regretfully, we will have to ask people to leave if they are being disruptive or are unable to participate.

Q: Will the online classes compete with my live classes? I am worried that people will just opt for online classes.

A: One of the goals of Birth Boot Camp is to provide classes that are accessible to ALL, even those away from an instructor, overseas, or with very hectic schedules.  That is why we developed the online courses.  We still see much value in live classes such as one on one instructor interaction, friendship and camaraderie with other class members, and personal accountability weekly in class.  We encourage those who CAN to take live classes and we believe that most couples DESIRE a live, in-person class.  Our online classes exist for those who simply cannot make a live class work.