Recommended Reading

This is a list of recommended reading for recertification.

Donna Ryan -

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships


Kim Graves, BBCI -

This Isn't What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression by Karen R. Kleiman


Jennifer Valencia, Instructor Trainer -

Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun


Amy Anderson, Instructor Trainer -

Beyond Morning Sickness Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum by Ashli Foshee McCall


Kristen Hosaka, D.C. -

The Female Pelvis: Anatomy and Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain


Katie Dudley, HHC, CPT, CES, PES -

The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Romm